Sausage Goulash (Burtgulas)

Spekacek (pronounced as shpekahchek) or burt, a thick Czech sausage used for pickeling utopenec and cooking amaizing burtgulas firstly appeared at the General Land Centennial Exhibition in Prague in 1891 and became a popular delicasy. It originally had to contain 38,5 % beef, 17,5 % pork, 17 % bacon, 23 % ice and the rest of it were spices. At the begining of … Continue reading Sausage Goulash (Burtgulas)

Trdelnik Pudding (Trdelnikova Zemlovka)

Bread Pudding in English, Semmelauflauf or Scheiterhaufen in German, Opfescheitahaufn in Bavarian dialect and Zemlovka (pronounced as zhemlovka) or Zemlbaba in Czech is a traditional Slavic dish. Early Slavs used the expression “zemlja baba” to describe an old witch, a magician. The meaning of the dish then was “The Magic of Earth” which referred to extraordinary respect Slavs felt towards bread … Continue reading Trdelnik Pudding (Trdelnikova Zemlovka)