Chocolate Termix

Termix, which started to be produced in Czech spa city of Podebrady in 1976 is in every person’s (who was born afterwards) childhood memory. It is a mixture of pudding, in Slavic countries popular quark and chocolate, vanilla or fruits. It’s delicious, easy-to-make and it’s right here: For 2 medium mason jars, you’ll need: 2 … Continue reading Chocolate Termix

Mom’s Meatballs

Everything started with “Four Joy Meatballs” in China around 200 BC. From that point on, meatballs spread through Arabic States to Ancient Rome. They probably got into the Czech Lands when Charles IV, the first King of Bohemia also became the Holy Roman Emperor. For 25 Mom’s meatballs, you’ll need: 600 g (1.3 lbs) minced … Continue reading Mom’s Meatballs